OBX Sex Retreats

Each Area of your Relationship relies on the other areas to be complete. This includes your sexual relationship as well.  Sex is ultimately an expression of the whole person: body, mind, emotions and spirit  and with most couples  busier than ever, sex often takes a backseat to sleep and life's responsibilities.

           Couples who attend a Sex Retreat want to... 

  • Take your Relationship to the next level 
  • Improve Romance, Intimacy, 
  • Trust & Communication 
  • Deepen your Sexual and Emotional Connection
  • Re-light the Fire of Excitement

Dr. Littwin offers a specialized three-day Intensive Therapeutic Sex Retreat held in the spectacular Outer Banks, North Carolina.  10 hours of intensive Sex and Relationship Therapy over the course of three days is effective for couples that are struggling in their relationship. 

Group, Individual, and Follow-Up Sex Retreats are available. The Sex Retreat is designed for couples that are looking for ways to explore and spice things up a bit, as well with couples who need much more than just a "spice up". These couples usually have a complex relationship history and seek an intensive and non-judgmental approach. Each Sex Retreat is arranged in that the attending couples have common issues and problems they wish to address. 

There is NO nudity or sexual touch done during our sessions together, however you will have some homework to do in the privacy of your hotel room.

Location:  Avon, NC in the Outer Banks.  

Accommodations: There are many hotels and private homes close by to rent. Please Book your accommodations on your own. 

Group Retreats


Includes:  10 hours of Therapeutic Relationship and Intensive Sex Therapy

Fee: $999.00 per couple (6 couples max)

  • Friday - 2 hours: 3:00 to 5:00 
  • Saturday - 6 hours: 10:00 to 4:00 (lunch is included) 
  • Sunday - 2 hours: 10:00 to 12:00

Individual Retreats


Includes: 8 hours of Therapeutic Relationship and Personal Intensive Sex Therapy

Fee: $1,999.00  (Private Sex Retreat) 

  • Friday - 1 1/2 hours: 3:00  to 4:30
  • Saturday - 5 1/2 hours: 10:00 to 3:30 (lunch is included) 
  • Sunday - 1 hour: 10:00 to 11:00

Individual Follow-up Retreats


Includes: 6 hours of deeper level of Intensive Sex Therapy that past Retreat

Fee: $1,499.00 (Private Sex Retreat) 

  • Saturday - 6 hours: 10:00 to 4:00 (lunch is included)


What you can expect at Group or Individual Sex Retreats:

Day 1:  We begin with a brief introduction of each other to feel comfortable working together. This is followed by couple's communication skills technique, after which we get into your specific areas of your concern. 

Typically, the first day tends to focus on past emotional and sexual experiences of the issues you are currently facing. Together we will examine your fears and inhibitions to seek out the areas of your relationship that need clarification and expansion, as well as discussing goals and dreams for your relationship. 

Day 2: Is more about the here-and-now. We will work on issues and problems in your relationship. Additionally, we will build upon your emotional strengths and work through any vulnerabilities. We focus on your ability to put into words (and other forms of expression) what you think and feel and perhaps even “why”.  A major goal is to increase pleasure and fun on both the personal and intimate relationship levels. You will have homework assignments for the evenings.

Day 3: We will work on planning for your future together. Creating a positive blueprint of what you want your relationship and Love Life to be like, and making commitments to yourself and your partner towards that end. We will finish with building your tool-box that you can go to after leaving the Retreat to access these tools you need in the future!

Accommodations and all other meals aside from Saturday's lunch are separate from the Couples Retreat cost.  Retreat location is walking distance via the beach or road from Avon Cottages/Motel. There are several restaurants in the area and a Food Lion for your meal planning.

When you make your decision to work on your Relationship and Sexual Wellness…. please contact me: You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out in in which you will share a personal history of your relationship. This will allow me to understand your wants and needs. Please be sure to state in detail what issues/problems you are having and what you would like to work on at the Sex Retreat. When you return your completed questionnaire and select your weekend, you will place a $500.00 deposit.  The remaining balance (plus Paypal fees) is due 30 days before the Retreat commences. 


If a Group Sex Retreat books for less than three Couples, the time will be less time than stated above due to more attention will be giving each couple.  If only one couple attends Group Retreat, you will not be required to pay Individual Sex Retreat Fee.

If Weather Conditions or Circumstances beyond the control of Dr. Littwin prevent an In-Person Presence at the Sex Retreat, Couples will be offered their choice of alternative type of Sex Retreat (Reschedule to an alternate weekend or a Skype Sex Retreat will be offered instead of In-Person for partial or all of the Sex Retreat scheduled)  No other expenses will be re-imbursed.

Sex Retreat Questionnaire (pdf)